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I like surfing, skating, music, art, alcohol, girls, getting high on occasion, and animation. Im interested in so much actually, and I love meeting people! So if you are interested in something, than send me a PM! I would love to have a chat. peace

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Posted by mike-cuzins - October 14th, 2014

Hey everyone, so Ive been working on music lately, thats great.

Ive also been working on my own vibe and I realised something

I was approaching music with an idea that if i expressed the things i believed where weighing me down I could be happy, If I achieved some goal then i could be happier. I realise now that its a self deception, Im just feeding this vibe. and it has really been coming through in the music.

Ive decided to express the good things and hopefully share with you that energy.. otherwise, I dont know why I do this. 

anyway. you are the only people who actually hear my music so thankyou

i dont know you but thankyou

Posted by mike-cuzins - July 2nd, 2008

i wipped up a couple more...
Knife 1:
PATTERN WELDED, see the last post to check out its details...

Knife 2:
Started a long knife, but broke it before I completed, I hardened and sharpened what was left of it. It has the longest handle and the shortest blade... FUGLY? yes. very.

Knife 3:
this knife was made from a very tough steel, used in suspension coils, very sturdy, cools down very quickly, this one is the chunkiest and lumpiest and has the most flaws because the steel was just very hard to work with. still very sharp, am going to put a brass guard on it like a bowie knife, and a nice handle.

Knife 4:
My pride and joy, made from the steel in a leaf-spring (look it up in wikipedia) this steel is also used in suspension, but it is much easier to work with. this knife is the most comfortable, best weight and by far the sharpest, it could pass as a scalpel! its insanely good. i cant stress how sharp it is...

My next post will be the complete process of making a knife and hardening...

sorry about the graffiti on the pictures, I was bored and MS paint was beckoning.
(please note, I only used paint because photoshop takes longer to load. I in no way condone use of MSpaint on the art forums, and in fact i spit on anyone who uses it regularly.)

P.S. If you want better pictures, add me on MSN! (coil_spring23@hotmail.com)

So you thought my last knife was cool?

Posted by mike-cuzins - June 4th, 2008

It took me 2 days, with 4 different steels (old scrap files etc)
It was in a friends LPG forge.
I folded it 5 times. Its not spectacular, but I'm happy with it regarding the tools I had (anvil, hammer, chisel, belt-sander and sandpaper.)
I don't think its real Damascus steel (does anyone actually know what Damascus steel really is)
I know for sure that it is pattern welded.

My knife

Posted by mike-cuzins - May 4th, 2008

and it's great. made some new songs.
I only like decent. its evil.

Posted by mike-cuzins - August 13th, 2007

PM me if you would like to take part in an EPIC (probably 2 part) Movie, Based (directly) on the book/movie a SPACE ODDESSY 2001.
Im going to aim for MIND BLOWING space scenes, Not hhigh paced. keep it the same pace as the original.

If you want to help out with a few scenes, you MUST
-be able to manage colouring
-be able to manage gradients,
-be able to bring something to the production (e.g. unseen Special Effects.)
-ABOVE ALL, read the book or seen the movie. I highly reccomend getting the book on
Audio Tape. If you cant do that (or if you have no money) rent the movie, or get your
parents to buy you the book. you wont regret taking the time to read it.

If you want more details or even help out PM me! I wont accept any PM's After First semester 2008

Posted by mike-cuzins - August 2nd, 2007

the new website is very impressive. I havn't been on Newgrounds for YONKS! and look how it's changed!

Posted by mike-cuzins - August 2nd, 2007

this is my attempt
This is for a competition that a group called "generate" is having. The prize: 100dollars and a tablet.
I WANT that tablet :D.
I really hope i at least get a mention. All i have to do is make an intro for anything they sponsor. FINGERS CROSSED&!