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this is the second time i watched this, only this time HE IMPALED HIMSELF IN THE END!!! watch it twice and find out for yourseves!!!!!!! :O :O

I love your style

and you spread our awesome accent with the world.
i fricken love the voice acting

i just wanna shut the last guy down

"eloquence" isn't about tasting soup or the taste of soup.
Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is fluent, elegant or persuasive speaking in public. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. The term is also used for writing in a fluent style.

also, I showed my friends and they reckon this is incredible.
that's some intense fighting you got going on there.

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If i knew how serious you were about the one life thing when i started playing, i would have said NAW FUCK THE GIRLFRIEND, im goiing to go to the shops and stay alive instead.

this is sooo creative! and im still dead when i came back to play!

i got 61

is higher better?
this game is super wierd.
i didnt know my computer had a personality...
Im going to go rethink my life now.
great game and great questions.

the way the ball rotated was a bit unrealistic.

for example when it rolled allong the ground, its rotation went in the direction you kicked it.
This is an easy fix, make the ball rotate, the same and direction as its velocity.

weexi responds:

I know.. but 'm not trying to make realistic games; but games for fun for a minute..

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I love how it really holds out on me in the intro
but maybe the drums came in a little bit too soon..
or maybe it was that syncopated guitar sound, it just seemed a little unnecessary.
great chords and great sounding instrument well done.
I think replace the guitar with a modern bass sound or perhaps a slightly more dynamic synth...
its up to you.

Chords where great (if a little repetitive)
drums fun interesting

'heavy' guitar
slightly repetitive

i gave u 5

LexRodent responds:

Thanks for your review dude.
It's a good suggestion, I'll try with a different bass line and see how it works.

I knew you would be able to come up with something awesome

looking forward to hearing what you can come up with when you make a song!!!

I like surfing, skating, music, art, alcohol, girls, getting high on occasion, and animation. Im interested in so much actually, and I love meeting people! So if you are interested in something, than send me a PM! I would love to have a chat. peace

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